PO Boxes In Long Beach, CA

Mail Boxes in Long Beach, CA

At Long Beach Storage Center, we do all that we can to ensure security and accessibility in your storage, so why not offer a safe way to receive mail or packages. We understand that with the new day and age a lot of shopping is done online. Why not offer a safe and secure means to receive your packages and not have to worry about them being stolen off your porch? Every home in the United States is equipped with a mailbox, however, many people need an additional mailbox for a variety of reasons. Business owners may need a physical address while homeowners are having issues with their home mailbox. A Private Mail Box is a great fit for everyone and at low rates compared to the Post Office Box or the UPS Store or FedEx Office.

Secure Deliveries

Although private mailboxes typically cost more to rent than post office boxes, they do offer an advantage.
Customers of the USPS are able to receive mail that is sent through the USPS. The USPS will not, however,
accept packages sent via private delivery services such as FedEx, UPS, or Amazon Fulfillment. In addition,
some post offices will not accept large or oversized packages. Those who wish to receive large correspondence
or those sent through private express-courier service must rent a private mailbox, where such deliveries will be

Physical Street Address PO Boxes

A Private Mail Box offers another advantage over PO Boxes, you get a Physical Address. Some shippers and
businesses will not send your mail or packages to a PO Box, but with a private mailbox because you have a
physical address, we can accept all of your daily mail and packages from UPS, FedEx, DLH, Amazon, &

Key Offerings:

  • You get a physical street address, not a PO Box number
  • A street address provides a professional look for businesses
  • Package acceptance, we accept all packages from all carriers
  • Package notifications. You’ll receive a text or email notification whenever a package arrives
  • Mail forwarding. We’ll hold your mail when you’re away, and even forward it to your temporary address
  • Never miss a package again we will sign for all carriers
  • Our mailboxes offer quick and easy access in a secure location

Your Address Format Would Be As Follows:

John or Jane Doe
1700 Santa Fe Avenue #400
Long Beach, CA 90813

Mailbox Hours:

Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-4:00pm
*Closed Major Holidays

Package Acceptance Program for Storage Customers

We offer an exclusive package acceptance program for storage customers. Never worry about another package from being taken from your front porch again, just simply have it shipped to our property and we will deliver that package to your storage, or you can pick up within 72 hours.

***Package Acceptance Fees Will Apply***