Read the fine print: What’s in a typical storage contract?
June 14, 2019
They say there are just two certainties in life: Death and taxes. Well, we believe the list should expand by one to include moving your stuff. To make moving even more of a pain, you have to play CSI to understand what lurks within a storage unit contract. Here are the most important terms of […]
How to get the most out of your storage space
May 13, 2019
When you plan a weekend camping trip or a much-deserved week-long vacation, you want to pack as much stuff into your car as possible. The same principle applies to storing your stuff at an offsite facility. Most businesses that keep personal and business possessions safe and secure don’t care if you rent a space that […]
This ain’t no move and dash: How to get your entire deposit back
April 15, 2019
When you reserve a hotel room and book a cross country flight, you are frequently required to put cash down to give the company you’re doing business with a little security. The same principle applies to moving companies, although the reasons for requesting a security deposit differ a bit from the reason why hotels, airlines, […]
Businesses that Benefit from Storing Stuff off Premises
March 18, 2019
Many different types of businesses and benefit from storing records, equipment, and inventory at a site located off premises. In addition to saving money by signing long term contracts, your business also reaps the benefits of tight security and climate controlled conditions. What types of businesses benefit from self-storage facilities? Let’s find out. Construction Companies […]
The 3 Best Cross Country Movers
February 11, 2019
With the 2020 presidential election campaign upon us, the time has come to prepare for the unveiling of polling groups and the exchanging of insults at town hall meetings across the United States. Although the divisive political rancor is sure to dominate the nightly news, one topic introduced at town hall meetings would receive unanimous […]
How the Ocean Affects Your Valuables
January 16, 2019
Living in Long Beach, California certainly has its perks. The most popular perk is having access to dozens of miles of thick sandy beaches that provide stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Spend a little time at sunset gazing out into the western horizon as the sun sets over Catalina Island, and you will […]
The Price is Right: How to Find the Best Moving Quotes
December 19, 2018
Back in the day before the Internet, consumers had to perform an exhaustive search for the best moving quotes the old fashioned way. They let their fingers do the walking. The thick consumer resource called the Yellow Pages almost required the most accomplished detectives to call and negotiate price quotes with moving companies. Not only […]
Tips to Keep Your House Spotless During a Renovation
November 7, 2018
The benefits of a home renovation are numerous. A renovation can improve the aesthetics of your home, while also offering a functional boost. However, this hefty task can come with a truckload of dirt and debris. This is not only unsightly but can also affect your health negatively. Here are our tips towards keeping your […]
Classified Information: How to Protect Sensitive Business Documents
October 15, 2018
You do not have to implement measures similar to what super spies implement to protect highly sensitive national security documents. However, you must keep sensitive business documents out of the hands of the bad guys. The best way? Keep them in the hands of a professional storage facility for both homeowners and business owners. You […]
What Came First: The Moving Company or the Storage Facility?
September 21, 2018
Outside of paying taxes, nothing causes more frustration than moving. Even if you’re relocating just a couple blocks away from your current address, it can still feel like a logistical nightmare. While moving companies can help ease some of this frustration, you may be hesitant in shelling out extra cash for something you feel you […]