Summer Storage
June 15, 2022

Seasonal Storage: Summer

Every season has a beginning and end. Time marches on, as the old country song says. And with the transition of one season to the next, we too must make transitions. Spring cleaning is the classic term for clearing out your home, dusting away the cobwebs of winter, and making space in your home. But really, every season has its transition of what you will need and what needs to be put away. Having a unit to store away your seasonal items will clear up the clutter while not in use.

What comes to mind when you think of summer? I usually think about popsicles and pool floaties and how unbearably hot it gets with each passing year. Smells of the salty ocean breeze or the chlorinated chemical smell of a heated swimming pool. Summer is the season of outdoor activities: vacations to Grandma’s, camping, going to the beach, crashing at the local community pool, and splashing around the backyard with sprinklers and a Slip ‘N Slide. Below is a handy guide to help you organize as you transition to the warmer months.

What Features to Look for in Storage:
Air-conditioned/climate-controlled units.Protect your items from the heat and humidity by ensuring your store your things in a capable unit. Most facilities provide the option at minimal cost, and the peace of mind with storing those things in the hottest weather is worth the cost.
Drive-up storage. For storing large vehicles, RVs, and boats, an ideal storage would be open and uncovered for ease of access. It’s also a great idea to keep your larger investments stored away while not in use.

What to Remove from Storage:

  • Patio furniture
  • Pool floats/toys
  • Pool maintenance equipment
  • Gardening equipment
  • Summer clothing and swimsuits
  • Sprinklers and hoses
  • Beach gear
  • Water vehicles: boats, jet skis, etc.
  • Summer decorations
  • Beach towels/blankets
  • What to Store Away:

  • Pool/boat/RV cover
  • Spring/cooler weather clothing
  • College dorm furniture/appliances
  • School supplies
  • Spring decorations