Child in box
May 13, 2022

Moving With Young Children: How to Make it Easy on Them

Let’s face it, moving is a stressful experience whether it’s to a new home in the same city or across the country. It can also be exciting when approached with the correct attitude. The strongest of adults can easily become overwhelmed with anxiety and frustration. If you have young children, imagine how it affects them. In their minds, their entire world, everything they’ve known is crashing down around them. They are often even afraid of what is happening. We at Long Beach Storage Center have a few tips to help you calm your young children and give you some relief during your move.

Be Honest with Them

Kids, especially young children, need to feel a sense of security. As soon as you know about the move it’s recommended to begin talking to your little ones about what to expect throughout the packing and moving process. Let them know why you need to move. Whether it’s for a job, upsizing, or downsizing, or for whatever reason, it’s important to keep them in the loop. Waiting until the last minute is like pulling the rug out from under their sense of safety and security. You might consider getting a children’s book or two about moving and reading it with your children.

Saying Goodbye

Even little kids develop close personal relationships with playmates, especially friends they are around often. It will dawn on them quickly that they will leave those friends behind. If your family is relocating to the same city, assure them they will be able to see their friends again. If moving a great distance, create a plan for goodbyes. If individual farewells seem daunting, think about throwing a party with a moving theme and invite everyone. This can even help you say so long to your friends as well.

Give Them Confidence

How do you give a small child confidence? Include them and give them responsibility. Now, if your kid is a toddler this may not be suitable, but for the bigger little kids, assigning tasks, however small, will empower them to feel like they are helping. One idea is to create a charity box. Explain to your child the benefit of charity and assure them that any toy they put in the box will be enjoyed and loved by another child as much as they loved it. Give them the power to decide. Donating toys is a fantastic way to instill a feeling of satisfaction in kids. Also, you can put them in charge of decorating moving boxes with stickers. It will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Tour The New Area

The unknown can create immense anxiety and fear in small children. If your family is moving close by, prioritize a trip to the new home and area. Tour the immediate neighborhood to give your child a sense of where they are going to live. It might even be possible to meet some other kids and parents and get an introduction before you even move. Besides the neighborhood, take a trip to explore the area and find new parks, ice cream shops, and other activities for the family. Taking these extra steps can give your little one a bit of excitement for the move.

If physically touring the area isn’t possible, sit down with your kids and look up the new home and locale online. You can point out interesting things and read about it. Encourage your child to think of things to hunt for in the area, such as their favorite activities or their favorite restaurant or store. Urging their participation will make them feel like their input is important and valued.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, we encourage you to do everything possible to ease the fears of your kids. It’ll help you too in the end.

If you’re moving to the Long Beach area, Long Beach Storage Center has many options to fit your storage needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by to see how we can help.