Moving in together
December 15, 2021

Moving In with Your Significant Other

It’s the holiday season. A lot of couples decide to move in together during this time of year, opting to leave their single homes and make a life together. Unfortunately, moving is often the first hurdle couples have to jump. It’s a confusing and stressful time, and finding time for your relationship amidst the clutter is a struggle.

The Search for a New Home

Talk with your partner about what you’re looking for in a space. You’ll be surprised by how many things you have in common. Most couples make the mistake of not learning their partner’s tastes. For example, carpet could be a huge deal breaker. On the other hand, you might really like carpet. Either way, not coming to an understanding on negotiables and non-negotiables can only add to the stress of moving.

When looking for a new place, ask what they like in terms of decoration, furniture, and style of living space. Think about things such as proximity to work, schools, or fun lifestyle activities. On top of limiting the stress of the big move, it can be a healing experience for your relationship. It’s never too much to take the time to have a meaningful conversation, especially when it’s a conversation about where you’re both going to live.

Talk About Storage

This is another hard conversation. Look around your current place. The next time you’re with your spouse, look around theirs’. Is there anything you both can put into storage? See, this conversation can either be an easy time or a tough argument depending on how much you’re both willing to compromise. They might not see the value in your original Star Wars collectible and you might not see the value in their vintage coin collection. Arguing over things with sentimental value to the both of you is never easy.

However, there’s an easy solution. Have a talk about your nearest storage facility. With things like climate-control allowing you to store pretty much any valuables you want, there’s no reason to fight over who gets to keep what. Keep everything that means something to you in a nice, cool, and affordable storage unit. It’s like couple’s counseling – without the therapist.

Keeping Your New Place Organized

Now that you’ve found a new home and a reliable storage facility, it’s time to maintain your space. Keep it organized by paying attention to how much room you have, and by making sure that you’re both being considerate of each other’s space. Moving together is a big deal, but coming together with an action plan on how to approach different situations like cleaning, storing, and decorating, can help keep your relationship healthy. And remember: a healthy couple is the one that’s better after the move.