September 15, 2021

Rentals for Contactless Storage

Technology changes all the time. As a matter of fact, it’s always changing. Think about it: five years ago, life looked a lot different. Mobile technology was not as nearly as advanced as it is now. These technologies have had a long-reaching impact on every industry, especially storage.

New technologies in self-storage allow you to rent and reserve units from anywhere. It’s important – now more than ever – for you to take control of your rentals. It’s time to rent contactless.

Renting storage online is convenient. There are no kiosks or lines. The entire process is in your hands. Your units will always be there to rent. With online rentals, convenience is key. Rent from the comfort of your home. Online rentals were built to make life easier for you. Save your time and energy by reserving your unit directly from a facility’s site.

Online rentals also allow you to save money. Facilities often have deals for those opting to rent online. These include things like a first month free for reserving on their website. If you’re interested in online rentals, research your nearest facility. There’s always a deal out there for the educated online consumer.

New online rental technologies are also completely customizable. There’s always a way to find storage suiting your needs. With new 3D Map technology, self-storage becomes so much easier. Curious about what size unit you need? 3D Calculators let you pick and choose a unit size based off the items you’re storing. This is an entirely customizable experience.

Your storage experience should be based on your wants and needs. Powered by ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite, Long Beach Storage Center’s online rentals give renters a new experience. Rent online, reserve your unit, or keep it in your shopping cart. With ClickandStor®, the process is in your hands. Learn more about your online rental options at