an idea in a box
June 15, 2021

What Can I Store?

There’s strange stuff out there, and even stranger people. There are folks who hoard exotic animals, toilet paper, coloring books – there’s a collector out there for every item. And for every collector, there’s always someone trying to stuff their items in a storage unit.

You might ask, “Well, isn’t that what storage is for?”

Yes and no. You can store whatever you want if your facility allows it. However, there a few common prohibited items out there to look out for:

• Live animals
• Perishables
• Liquids
• Explosives
• Flammable liquids and fuels
• Toxic materials
• Items that need to be in a controlled environment.

Prohibited items also depend on the rules at your local storage facility. Each facility has items they’re cautious of, but these items typically reflect the categories of the listed items above.

So, the question then becomes, “What can I store?”

Think about the most ridiculous things you have and imagine them where they don’t belong. The exercise bike is suddenly in the kitchen, your pots and pans are near the toilet, and your garden plants are on top of the roof.

If that sounds outlandish to you, then good. It should. Storage facilities work in pretty much the same way. Your unit shouldn’t be bland and boring, but it should reflect the standards of the facility.

Don’t store anything that puts yourself, other tenants, or the facility at risk. Never treat your storage as an additional food locker, a local zoo, or a toxic waste plant.

There are many conventional and unconventional uses for a unit. You can use your unit as:

• An independent study area
• An art studio
• A place to practice music
• A collector’s den

These are some of the cool and inventive ways to use your rental. Need somewhere to express yourself? Visit Long Beach Storage Center and check out a variety of storage units suited to your wants and needs today.