AC Storage
May 17, 2021

A Home Away From Home

Storage is a luxury. It’s difficult to classify where renting falls on the ladder of things we need versus things we take for granted, but for the most part, it is a luxury – a home away from home.
Storing your items can drastically change your life. With technologies like climate-controlled storage, and features such as wine storage and online rentals becoming more frequent in facilities throughout the industry, it’s abundantly clear that it’s shifting into a major necessity. Storage is an enhancement to our day-to-day, an extension of the place we live in, the hobbies we love, and security outside of our homes.

The general attitude has shifted completely over the years. As the tendency toward hoarding and decluttering increased, the landscape changed – more facilities are built yearly to accommodate for our needs. Storing our items became less about the space we can afford but more about the space we need to function daily, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Facilities are changing to accommodate tenants and renters, providing a totally different experience than ever before.

The newest rental technologies allow renters to rent units from anywhere and anytime, move-in at any time, access their bill payments, store sensitive items, and extra space to store vehicles such as semi-trucks with the bonus of port storage. Renting is more convenient and accessible than any alternative on the market, and gives tenants the chance to breathe at home. While considering renting a unit, think about what the unit does to make your life easier, instead of thinking about the most effective way to save space. It’s true that saving space is important, but understanding your unit’s features is equally, if not more so, important.

Understanding climate-control allows you to save more space by taking care of the sensitive items in your home; tenant insurance gives you additional protection on your items away from home; online rentals and the automated process leaves less time thinking about whether you should store and lets you think about what you should store. These tools completely change the lifestyle for the average tenant, adding active interactivity to the overall experience.

At Long Beach Storage Center, we prioritize the new renter’s experience. With features such as online bill pay, vehicle storage, and air conditioned storage in our executive suites, there’s no doubt that our facility is on the cutting-edge. So, visit our facility today and find out more about what we can do for you today.