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December 15, 2020

Do I Need Storage Insurance?

Budgeting for storage requires more financial planning than simply paying for the space. You also have to factor in the cost of insurance. Most storage properties do not include insurance in the price of a monthly lease. This means it is up to you to answer the question, “Do I need storage insurance?”

Why You Need to Purchase Self-Storage Insurance
The short answer to the question is “yes.” The long answer is understanding why it is important to insure your belongings at a storage property:

Protect High-Value Items
Facilities that store personal possessions typically are not used to store high-value items. However, if you plan to store expensive items like jewelry, electronics, and artwork at a storage property, gain peace of mind by protecting the valuable items with insurance. Storage insurance is also recommended if you rent a unit to store a vehicle for winter protection.

Protect Against the Wrath of Mother Nature
Maybe the property where you plan to store your things is nearly impossible to breach. Well, impossible for a thief, but not always for the fury of Mother Nature. From flooding to high winds to raging blizzards, your possessions are vulnerable to extreme weather. A full-coverage insurance policy ensures you can replace everything destroyed by a severe storm if necessary.

Protect Against Infrastructure Issues
A facility might look to be in good condition, but there might be one or more underlying infrastructure issues that put your possession in harm’s way. Flooding caused by a faulty pipe is a common infrastructure issue that can damage your things. Another issue might be a fire that breaks out because of an electrical malfunction.

Peace of Mind
Despite many storage properties, including Long Beach Storage Center, utilizing the most advanced security systems available, you may still worry about your valuables when they are kept away from home. Purchasing storage insurance will help keep your mind at ease that your belongings are covered.

How to Purchase Insurance
Even if a property on your shortlist does not require insurance, you should consider purchasing a policy to protect your possessions. The process for buying storage insurance requires just four steps:
– Determine whether your renters or homeowners insurance covers storage units
– Ask the facility for insurer recommendations
– Research different insurance options for both price and coverage
– Select an insurance company

The storage property that you choose to store your possessions might offer an insurance policy that is bundled into the price of renting a unit. This means you can save money on a discounted insurance policy.
Buying insurance is an option for you, but companies that provide units for storage have the right to require tenants to pay for insurance. It is the same principle that landlords apply for tenants. You might not even have to answer the question of needing storage insurance because the facility requires it!