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November 18, 2020

Maximizing Space For A Minimum Budget

Going into the holiday season can tighten anyone’s budget. Although, if you plan on moving at this suboptimal time, you are certain to find excellent prices while demand is low. Aiming to relocate or plan out a new business strategy going into the next year can quickly become a logistical issue of where you keep your things while between locations. You may think that there just is not enough space, time, or both, to fit everything you need into a busy schedule or a reduced budget.

With so much to do during a busy holiday whether you are professionally or personally in need of more space, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There is no need for that, however. With a little careful planning, and a little careful packing, you can find all the space you need for a fraction of the cost you might have in your head. For personal clients, you often do not need more than a room, maybe only a closet’s worth of space to keep everything you need. With careful forethought, and some creative organization, you can often find a way to fit virtually everything you own into a shockingly small space.

Begin by considering your largest items, furniture, appliances, etc. Now imagine how to fit those altogether with as little wasted space as possible. Disassembling certain pieces of furniture can make them much easier to store. Standing some things – like say, a couch, on one end, in one corner of the room, maximizes the vertical space it takes up rather than the horizontal, allowing you to fit other, more awkward belongings inside. Desks can have things stored under, in, and on top of them. With a little creativity and consideration, you can find a surprising amount of space in even our smallest storage areas.

With business clients, excess inventory or raw materials can be stored efficiently if large or bulky packaging is broken down and removed. If you intend to unpack items you need for your work anyway, then stripping excessive shipping and packaging can massively reduce the space they take up. Keeping tools and machines in containers, on the other hand, can drastically reduce the space they appear to take up. Entire boxes, cases, or crates of tools, once cleanly organized and stored as densely as possible, can end up being easy to fit alongside, under, or on top of larger machining tools. If you do have specialty objects, storing them in stacking-friendly cases, or specifically purchasing shelving for the inside of your unit can allow you to pack it all the way to the ceiling with all of your goods.

In summary, if you are willing to do a bit of extra work and planning, you will be amazed at how much space you actually get when you rent even our smallest units. It might be more than enough to store everything you need for the weeks, months, or perhaps years ahead, all while actually saving you money. When you need storage solutions that work for you, thinking outside the box will allow you to make the most out of your dollar. Something we know everyone can benefit from, no matter their needs.

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