October 22, 2020

The Low Cost of High Quality Long-Term Storage

When you’re looking for a place to store your belongings, you might not always think you’ll be keeping them here for a long time. In fact, more often than not, you’ll probably be planning on things staying put for a few months at most. Things like climate controlled storage could be superfluous, unnecessary. Even if those assumptions are all true, you’d be surprised what can happen to your belongings after only a few months of storage in poor conditions. If you’re looking to keep your belongings stored on a budget, the temptation to keep them somewhere basic might be very appealing. Many low cost storage facilities are serviceable for those looking to store things that don’t necessarily need excessive care.

That’s all well and good, but when you choose that kind of storage, you can often find your belongings in worse shape than when you initially packed them. Nobody is happy to find that their furniture has warped after being stored, no one is content with their belongings being in worse shape than when they were stored. We understand how important it is to remain under-budget, we know exactly how crucial it is that you get everything you need at a price you can afford, that’s why we do our best to provide you with the highest quality storage for the prices we offer.

Whenever you plan to keep things stored for a few months, there’s always the possibility that you may end up needing to keep them stored for longer. Even if you don’t expect to be keeping things with us for more than a short time, our high quality storage environment will keep your belongings in tip top shape. In just a few short weeks, paper goods, delicate belongings, even furniture can end up in worse condition than when it was stored, if you keep it in poor conditions. Think about it like this; if you kept these same things in your garage at home what would happen to them? If you are looking for storage elsewhere why are you averse to keeping these things at home? In your garage, or in your attic?

Keeping your belongings in excellent condition for the long term obviously demands exceptional storage, but don’t let that slip during short term storage. It can be very appealing to go for cost over quality if you plan on keeping things for a short time, but that can cost you in the long run. Even during short term storage, humidity, air quality, and temperature fluctuations can ruin delicate, irreplaceable belongings, so why risk it? You might be shocked at how affordable quality climate controlled storage can be, even in the short term. When you absolutely cannot afford to allow your belongings to be damaged, you can absolutely afford high quality, climate controlled storage for those belongings.

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