working from home
September 15, 2020

Keeping Business Up and Running

As we all adjust to living with a “new normal” way of life, in these modern times it may prove beneficial to be able to create some extra space around your home. Working from home has become a way of life, providing an entirely new meaning of “workplace.” Maybe you can still work from home, but don’t have the necessary storage available for materials you use in your job. Maybe you just feel completely cramped in your new, smaller workspace. Either way, Long Beach Storage Center is proud to offer you some helpful tips.

Sure, you might be keeping your business up and running by any means necessary. For virtual jobs, writing, data management, this isn’t too difficult. But what about servers? Are they fine at the home office without anyone maintaining or accessing them? Are you considering closing down your old location to save on rent, and perhaps putting everything in storage for the long haul? If you haven’t considered it before, you may want to now. Property is important, but unless your commercial space is very specific or specialized, you may wish to drop your expensive rent and focus on keeping your employees working from home for now. Where do you keep all the furniture, then? A storage unit that can fit everything comfortably will cost a lot less than a commercial facility, especially in the long run.

Maybe you work with more physical or material goods, maybe you have stayed open because you can literally take your tools home, and ship products out to your customer base. If your home has become your workplace, then perhaps consider moving supplies, excess equipment, or even your workspace into one of our professional level offices, kept secure from the general public. With your own private office, you can enjoy a home away from home, and perhaps a more productive workplace. This way you can remain in business at a fraction of the cost, and no longer have to keep up with the rent.

Adapting to new expectations and standards can make all the difference in your businesses’ success, whether you work for yourself, or are part of a larger team. Carefully consider your options, and remain optimistic. Storage can be a massively cost-effective way to find a place to keep yourself busy. We salute those small business owners who have found new and innovative ways to tackle these challenges, but if you find yourself stuck and uncertain, allow us to lend you a hand.

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