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June 15, 2020

Best Laid Plans in 2020

These are trying times for everyone. So what can you do about that? Future-proofing your plans can feel impossible. Without solid information to base a plan around, how are you supposed to come up with reasonable goals for your immediate future, let alone make a plan to reach those goals? The good news is some things never change, and there are always good ideas to fall back on no matter your situation. Thinking about saving money is about more than saving a dollar today,  you have to consider saving a dollar for the rest of the year, and the year after that, too.

Storage can be a great way to help you keep all your belongings while moving to a smaller, and much more affordable home for the time being. Students may be moving out of dorms suddenly due to schools  closing or canceling certain classes, even full-time employees can find themselves moving in with friends or family because their job suddenly vanished. You may be tempted to sell off or simply throw away a lot of your belongings, furniture, or give them away to friends and family… but storage can be an incredibly cost-effective solution for months – even years to come. Here are some  fantastic tips on getting all the space you need for a price you can afford.

Compare Costs

Now, with the boom in modern storage over the last few years, you’ll find there are probably a lot more options around you, especially in an area as densely populated as LA County. This means you can become quickly overwhelmed by all the options presented to you. It might even seem that most storage companies have exactly the same cost, or that they’re all alike. That’s only at first glance, many companies will try to trick you with excessive fees tacked on top of their advertised price, make sure that when you pick a company to store with, the price they’re advertising is what you’re actually going to pay.  It’s just an extra bit of research that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Need

Some storage companies upsell and charge for amenities on a unit by unit basis, don’t let them fool you! You may think you’re getting a great deal at first because the listed price is only maybe $50  a month. Then come to find out you’re actually paying $60, $70, $80 or more, because of hidden fees or amenities tacked on after the fact. Just because a place is closer to you or advertises a lower price doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best deal. When you store at Long Beach Storage Center, though, the price is flat. For the rates we offer, none of our competition comes close to matching the clean,  professionally maintained environment we strive to offer. That extra level of cleanliness makes a difference now more than ever before.

 Month To Month

When you look at modern storage industries, most of them offer month to month leasing. This is a win for you! Month to month leasing means that if you decide you don’t need your unit anymore, you’re not stuck in a long term contract, there’s no commitment, so you don’t need to hesitate. Sure, you’re moving this month, but by next month you should be all moved in. The decision to rent out a unit, even for a short time, can be a game-changer in your next move. If you’re living in a small house and find that you can actually fit more furniture in there than you initially thought, you can always downsize to a  smaller space next month, keeping your options and storage open so you can remain mobile and flexible.

Self Storage is for More than Just Furniture

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t get a little creative with storage, your chest of drawers can be a handy place to keep old clothes, shoes, or anything else you might not actively need in your living space right now. When moving, you should keep drawers and furniture empty, that’s true,  but when storing your belongings, it’s all free game! Make the most of your storage by filling cabinet drawers and boxes, set a full box of things you don’t need on top of your desk chair, rent a large area and keep a spare vehicle in a drive-in style unit. The right combination of ingenuity and consideration can make fitting everything in one place easier than you’d ever thought.

When you just can’t be sure what life has in store for you in the coming months, having an affordable, reliable place to keep the things that matter to you can give you more freedom to move and change. Adapting to the situation as it evolves is about thinking ahead and making sure you aren’t hinging all your bets on one thing. Whether that thing is a living situation, job, or something else, making sure your belongings are safe will always be something you should have a solution for. Let us help.