May 19, 2020

Work-from-Home Essentials

Many people find themselves working from home these days, now more than ever the line between work and home life can feel blurry. This can lead to a lot of undue stress for you or your loved ones. Even if you aren’t the one working from home, having a housebound roommate or being stuck at home yourself can really put in perspective just how disorganized or cluttered your home may be. A thorough reorganizing of your living space may be in order. It’s also a great way to fend off stir-craziness.

Keeping your computer in your bedroom, as so many people do, may be a bad idea. Many people don’t have an extra room to use as an office, but even adjusting your living room to serve partially as an office might be important. Having your computer in your bedroom can become stressful as it’s practically like sleeping at your desk. Waking up to see your computer – and thus, work – literally already waiting for you can be discouraging to say the least. Meanwhile, keeping it out of sight and out of mind at least until you get your breakfast can allow you to distance yourself from the stresses of work to get your morning going more smoothly. Or, you might want to consider a storage property that has on-site business amenities such as office suites or PO Boxes, like Long Beach Storage Center, to keep your work separate from home.

Something you shouldn’t discount is the value of storage for business files. If your job is paperwork intensive you know how quickly that can pile up, and your garage, with potential heat or humidity, could irreparably damage sensitive documents. There are some things a temperature controlled storage area can do that your garage simply can’t.

Condensing Your Belongings

If your house feels cluttered it can often be due to the way you have the furniture arranged. Have you ever found yourself staring at a room and asking yourself why it feels cramped when there isn’t even a lot of clutter? Often times you can generate a lot of additional space just by removing even a single small piece of furniture. Removing the legs of a table, or disassembling some furniture can allow for it to be more easily stored, it can not only increase the space you have available for yourself, but it can also mean you can fit a lot more into a smaller storage area or business suite, then increasing the available space in your home exponentially.

Cohabitants Become Coworkers

Most of us don’t live entirely alone, whether you live with an animal, friends, your spouse, or your children, you’re likely finding yourself spending a lot of time with them if you are working from home. This is quite possibly a blessing, but it can also mean having to change your daily habits to make certain you can still get your work done while making time to play teacher for your kids, or not drive your spouse up a wall with the ticks you normally only exhibit at work. Having a door between yourself and the rest of the house can be crucial, but if that isn’t an option, you may want to consider renting an office space outside of your home to help maintain your productivity.

The Commute

Before working from home, having to wake up that extra half hour early or needing to check traffic reports on your phone may have been an exhausting chore, but now? It can provide you with a sense of normalcy. Hop into the car and go for a short drive in the mornings. If you find you are still not productive enough while working from home, Long Beach Storage Center may have the solution with our on-site office suites and business center. Having the extra time to mentally wake up instead of just physically wake up can actually make the day less exhausting, rather than more. Doing these sorts of things on your own schedule when you like to, rather than having to, can make all the difference in the world.