April 16, 2020

Effective Storage for Business Clients

Storage Long Beach CA

      With so many storage businesses focusing on residential customers, you as a business owner might feel  like nothing’s quite the right fit for you. The issue is finding the right business for you, not just the right storage option. Here are some helpful tips for you, business-minded clients.    

When looking for a storage company the first thing you should look for is storage options for business, that much is pretty easy. You can also look for PO boxes, file shredding services, exterior parking spaces or even a  fully furnished business ‘center’ available on-site. All these amenities prove that a storage company is serious about its business clientele not just offering residential storage areas to you under a different name. At Long Beach Storage we offer even professional offices for rent. That’s a service that’s hard to come by. 

  When you require storage, business amenities, a PO box, any combination of these, you will probably be looking for a long term option, and our month-to-month leasing is ideal for that. Not only will you have your space, office, or PO box for as long as you need it, if you decide you don’t, you aren’t stuck in a long term contract. With all that in mind, let’s go over how any one of these services can be  invaluable for you.

    Space for Files, Inventory, and So Much More 

You might have large heavy boxes full of the supplies you need to do your job, whether they’re raw materials, like plastics, or finished parts for something like electrical repair,  you can store them with us so you always have a stock handy. Imagine owning an electric services company, you may not always need a large spool of wiring or cabling, but having an extra one on hand right down the street and not in your own garage could be invaluable. This is just one specific example of  how beneficial it can be for you to have this extra place for materials. Especially if you are a small business owner who  works from their own home, or a cramped rental property that doesn’t really have the space you need.

    Service Vehicle Parking 

  If you own a business or work for one that requires you to use a large truck, or van, but only some of the time, that vehicle can often end up in your driveway for much of the year. You may not always need it for house calls, but it’s too useful to get rid of. What do you do? You can rent out an external parking space to leave it with us instead. Our largest units can function as an entire extra garage barring oversized vehicles, allowing you to store your belongings, spare inventory or stock, right next to your service vehicle for easy access, all much cheaper than it would be to have to rent out a commercial office for basically the same purpose.    

PO Boxes and Delivery Acceptance

  Having a PO box as a mailing address is one thing, it can make you look much more professional, for  one than a home address. It also becomes a place where you can have your mail or packages sent that you know they’ll arrive safely and securely. For our customers, we offer to sign for and accept your packages so that you can pick them up at your leisure, and never see another package lost or stolen from your front porch. In addition, you know any important financial or business documentation will be kept safe in an individually locked PO box for your pickup, really, there’s no safer way to receive paper mail or packages. Plus, when you store with us, large or cumbersome packages can go right into your storage. 

  Professional Level Workspace 

  Finally having your own office can become the difference between being self-employed and owning your own business, and we could not be happier to help make that difference for you. Our on-site amenities include lockable offices and workspaces for you to take your personal employment to the next level. With a business suite that offers access to things like file shredding, a copy and fax machine, as well as other more comfortable amenities like a full kitchen, it can really feel like you’ve taken the next step up in your career. These offices can be accessed 24/7, and are kept in a separate, independently locked section of our facility, so you know your things will be kept under the highest level of security.  Step up from ‘working from home’ and into your new office.