March 17, 2020

Relocating on Short Notice

Your boss walks into your office, which is a common daily event that typically leads to a little small talk.

Not today.

You received news that you are moving your career to a new city and to make matters more unsettling, the move is to take place by the end of the month.

Today is the 20th day of the month.

There are several reasons why you could relocate on short notice. The key is not to think about the reason for the short notice move, but knowing how to handle the pressure of relocation, with just a few weeks to pull it off.

Find a Place to Live

Back in the day, relocation on short notice was virtually impossible because of the difficulty of trying to find the right place to call home. With the Internet providing us with gifts such as Craigslist and other real estate resources, you can get the ball rolling on finding a place to live within seconds of learning about relocation on short notice.

Plan Like a General

Organizing a standard move when you have plenty of time to plan can still trigger incredible stress. Imagine how it will feel when the clock is ticking on relocation. With a short notice move, it is a good idea to delegate as much of the planning as possible to a professional moving company that has earned the reputation of helping clients plan for short notice relocations. After all, the best generals delegate important responsibilities to their most trusted lieutenants.

The Great Purge

No, we are not talking about an apocalyptic event that leads to chaos on the street, although you can consider relocation on short notice to be at the very least, a disruption to your lifestyle. We are talking about getting rid of the stuff you do not need to take with you. Since you are hiring a professional mover, you should know that much of the cost of hiring a professional mover is associated with the weight of your cargo. Declutter your home to lower the cost of relocation on short notice.

Start Packing Yesterday

Packing is one of the most difficult psychological barriers to break through for any type of move. It signals the official start of a move and as you know by now, we do not like to even think about relocation. Pull a drawer out of a dresser, dump the contents on your bed, and pack your things into a suitcase. It is a small gesture, but a gesture that will make you feel better.

Make it a Team Effort

The more, the merrier is an appropriate mantra to live by for relocation on short notice. However, recruiting friend, family members, and professional colleague to help you move will require plenty of incentives, as well as a carefully crafted moving plan. Unless you have a friend and/or family member that cannot wait to see you go, recruiting help for relocation on short notice can be a tough hurdle to jump over.