January 8, 2020

How To Store Items For Long Trips Abroad

You have set the wheels in motion for taking a once in a lifetime trip abroad. With all of the attention on where to go and what to see, you might forget about planning for another important event associated with extended time away from home.

Where will you store your stuff?

Whether you are taking a lengthy hiatus from the real world or spending time overseas for your job, you need to know how to store items for a long trip abroad.

Select the Right Storage Property

Long term storage options You do not have to keep your stuff at a friend’s home or in a relative’s basement. If you want true peace of mind, storing your valuables at a safe property is the way to go. Many businesses dedicated to securing customer possessions offer contracts that run less than a year. This means you can get away for six months abroad and still find a property with low rates. Just makes sure the business operates an advanced security system that includes rotating cameras that take time-stamped photos. A well-lit periphery and a gate controlled by an electronic access code are also important security factors.

Find Packing Supplies

Many businesses ranging from restaurants to large scale retailers are willing to give away the boxes they unload on delivery days. All you have to do is ask different businesses to leave the boxes intact on delivery day and of course, you will have to write down the days each business accepts product deliveries. You can also save money by borrowing things like tape and padding materials.

Make the Internet Your Friend

Spending time abroad for a prolonged period requires much more than figuring out how to keep your stuff safe and secure. You also have to account for the personal finance part of the traveling equation. The last thing you want to deal with when on a long trip abroad is paying bills. Before your once in a lifetime trip abroad, set up auto pay plans for utilities and other recurring expenses. In addition, make arrangements with the bank or your landlord to create an auto pay plan for monthly rent or mortgage payments.

Good Time to Declutter

If you are going to commit the time required to store items for a long trip abroad, you might as well take advantage of the time by decluttering your home. You can donate clothing and furniture to organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Another sound decluttering plan involves holding a two-day yard or garage sale. Make a little money to defray the costs of traveling abroad. Just make sure to publicize your decluttering sale well in advance of the event.

The last thing on your storage to do list is well, storage. Come up with a plan to organize your stuff for the long haul. Practice proven storage methods such as stacking similar-sized boxes on top of each other and placing vulnerable possessions away from tall stacks of boxes.