October 11, 2019

House Overload: Why it’s Time to Get Storage

Family home

You walked through your home and for the first time, you realize you are running out of room for storing your stuff. Decluttering a home represents one of the most frequently cited reasons homeowners have for choosing storage. It can be securing kid items for the day when you decide to bring another member of your family home or it can involve storing antiques that need to be placed far away from the bustling activity that defines your home.

Decluttering is an important reason for utilzing storage. What are the other five frequently cited reasons homeowners have for moving stuff into another building?

‘Tis the Season

One of the biggest hassles for organizing holiday decorations is trying to find enough space to store the decorations. Whether it is the large plastic turkey adorning the Thanksgiving dinner table or the flashing lights you hang around your home in December, storage located away from your house represents a good place to store holiday decorations.

Speaking of Seasons

If you live in an area that experiences each of the four seasons, you probably need extra space to place items that correspond to the seasons of spring, summer, winter, and fall. You not only want extra space to hang seasonal clothing, you also need more room to put the recreational items used for each season.

Home Improvement

Let’s say you have plenty of room inside of your home to keep everything you own safe and organized. That will all change the next time you want to complete a major home renovation project. You might not be able to access one or more rooms because of an extensive overhaul of the master bedroom or the living room. This means you need a place for temporary storage. Most storage properties operate on monthly plans, which gives you the flexibility to extend the term of a contract in case a home renovation project goes on longer than expected.

Relocation Commotion

Everything about a move appears to be going smoothly, that is, until you discover your new home will not be ready for move in when you need to be out of your old home. Keeping your stuff in temporary storage eases the angst of the logistical nightmare caused by relocation scheduling issues.

A Place to Enjoy a New Hobby

A standard sized storage area represents an excellent place to create an art studio, a room for listening to music, or even a place to hone your computer skills. Make sure to request the amenities you need to turn your storage into a space where you can get away from it all to pursue a hobby.

Regardless of the reason why you need storage, our team of relocation and customer service professionals will help guide you to the right space for keeping your stuff.