September 13, 2019

Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving with pets

Children have a difficult time adjusting to relocation. From general restlessness to fear of the unknown, you have to take special measures to ease the anxiety kids feel during and after a move.

Imagine how your pets will feel.

Pets such as cats and dogs thrive on routine. Making a move is anything but routine. Let’s check out a few tips for moving with pets.

Follow the Rules

Moving with pets requires you to submit the proper documents with the local municipality you call your new home. You have to show proof of every required vaccination, as well as understand the local leash laws and licensing rules. If you are relocating to another state, you should refer to the Veterinary Office of the Department of Agriculture to learn about state laws and regulations pertaining to pet ownership. Make sure to attach a rabies tag on your pet’s collar to let your new neighbors know your pet has receive this important shot.

Preparation is Key

Will you move your pets or do you plan to hire a professional pet moving service? This is an important question, as professional pet movers know how to easy the anxiety experienced by stressed out dogs and cats. If you plan to move your pet, make sure it becomes comfortable riding in a pet carrier. You can smooth the transition of riding in a pet carrier by taking your pet on errands around town. You should also consider a moving dry run by taking your pet inside of a carrier across a longer distance than the pet is accustomed to riding.

Pet Safety During a Move

Most of the things you do to keep your pet safe at home apply for relocation as well. You want to make sure the ID tag is current, with the phone number on the tag being your mobile phone number. You should also include your pet’s name and the address of your new home. Make sure to have at least two leashes in storage to ensure you have backups in case the primary leash breaks down or you lose the leash in transit to your new home. Above, microchip your pet to link with a digital pet recovery system that covers the entire United States.

When You Arrive to Your Moving Destination

Now that you have arrived to your new home, how do you make the transition for your pet as smooth as possible? Optimally, you want to acquaint your pet with its new surroundings before you relocate. You can plan a mini vacation with your family that includes bringing the family pet along. Once you pull up into the driveway of your new home, you want to remove your pet and place it in the living room. Stay by your pet’s side, as it performs a thorough seen and sniff mission. Keep every door and window closed, as well as remove any safety issues before you introduce your pet to its new home.