April 15, 2019

This ain’t no move and dash: How to get your entire deposit back

When you reserve a hotel room and book a cross country flight, you are frequently required to put cash down to give the company you’re doing business with a little security. The same principle applies to moving companies, although the reasons for requesting a security deposit differ a bit from the reason why hotels, airlines, and restaurants ask for security deposits.

Do All Movers Charge a Security Deposit?

More often than not, movers charge a down payment on services to lock customers into different time slots. According to commerce law, every company has the right to establish rules for deposits, as well as the terms for making one or more payments to consummate a local or cross country relocation. Most reputable companies require at least a small deposit, particularly in larger cities where moving rates are well above average.

Three Ways You’ll Never See Your Deposit again

The best companies have tight reservation calendars due to the high demand for their quality services. With a tight schedule, movers require deposits to ensure customers keep their promises to move on certain dates. The easiest way to see your down payment returned half-empty is to break the commitment to move on the specified dates listed in the moving contract. You might not even see a penny of your deposit, if you decide to move on another date or worse, take your business elsewhere.

Damage to a Moving Truck

Before you start a big move, a representative from the company will thoroughly examine the moving vehicle to note any exterior and interior defects. When you return the vehicle, the same representative will make another inspection to ensure you did not damage the vehicle in any way. Some of the most common bumps and bruises a moving vehicle takes include scratches along the side and dents on the front and/or rear bumper. In addition, your security deposit can be docked for returning a moving truck with less gas than the full tank you had when you drove the truck away from the lot.

Lost Supplies

Some companies bundle supplies into a contracts to entice customers to sign on the dotted line. However, many companies charge for supplies upfront and if a customer loses and/or damages supplies that are worth more than the initial charge, they can expect to see less of their security deposits. Packing supplies are the most common type of supplies that end up being charged off on a security deposit.

The key to getting back all of your security deposit is to carefully plan every phase of your relocation. Performing a move is frustrating enough. Make sure it doesn’t become an exercise in pulling out your hair by getting every cent of your security deposit back.