March 18, 2019

Businesses that Benefit from Storing Stuff off Premises

Many different types of businesses and benefit from storing records, equipment, and inventory at a site located off premises. In addition to saving money by signing long term contracts, your business also reaps the benefits of tight security and climate controlled conditions. What types of businesses benefit from self-storage facilities?

Let’s find out.

Construction Companies

Construction contractors typically work out of trailers that provide temporary office space. Most construction sites do not have secured facilities for storing large equipment and machinery. The most effective way to prevent the theft of costly construction equipment and machinery is to rent a space for several months that is located close to the project site. Your construction company can also store important supplies, such as clothing and safety cones, at a conveniently located facility.


Restaurant owners operate on razor thin margins, which means devoting as much square footage as possible for serving guests is the primary goal. A facility located near the restaurant offers the ideal spot to keep large appliances like ovens and flat top grills. The chairs and tables used for outside dining can ride out the winter in a climate controlled space. Caterers require plenty of room to store china, glassware, table decorations, and chafing dishes. By using one of the loading docks at a facility, a caterer can quickly move supplies by using carts and speed racks.


As with construction companies, most roofing businesses operate out of temporary trailers. Lack of space inside the trailers means roofers need to find a place to store tiles, shingles, cedar shakes, and power tools. A commercial facility dedicated to securing business supplies and equipment offers both short and long term solutions for roofers in need of storage units.


The trend for retailers to sell products online has dramatically changed the storage paradigm. Instead of operating out of stores that include spacious warehouses, retailers can sign long term rental agreements to store products on demand within secured facilities located away from the store. Many retailers use self-storage units to keep an inventory of off season products. Think retailers that sell apparel designed for each of the four seasons.

Lawn Care

Lawn care businesses use different types of equipment depending on the time of year. Rakes and leaf blowers come out of a storage facility at the start of autumn, only to be replaced three months later with snow blowers and the large shovels attached to pickup trucks. An affordable unit gives lawn care companies convenient access to the equipment required for different projects.

Small businesses faced with cost prohibitive overhead costs should consider moving supplies and equipment into a facility located off premises. You can look at a short or long term storage rental as extension of your business, even if the extension is located a few miles away from your store or main office.