February 11, 2019

The 3 Best Cross Country Movers

With the 2020 presidential election campaign upon us, the time has come to prepare for the unveiling of polling groups and the exchanging of insults at town hall meetings across the United States. Although the divisive political rancor is sure to dominate the nightly news, one topic introduced at town hall meetings would receive unanimous disapproval.

We hate to move.

If you asked a group or Republicans and Democrats whether they would prefer getting a root canal or moving to another city on the other side of the country, members from both parties would choose getting a root canal. How’s that for consensus?

Moving cross country requires a much different mindset and game plan than what is required for a move a few miles within the same city. What exactly is a cross country move?

Here are a few examples:

  • Baltimore to San Jose
  • Seattle to Atlanta
  • Orlando to Las Vegas
  • Houston to Minneapolis
  • New York to San Diego

3 Cross Country Movers You Can Count On

The three best cross country movers share several attributes. All three companies have earned reputations for delivering outstanding customer service, as well as offering affordable products for packing and storing customer possessions. Each of the three companies on our list also score high in reliability and timeliness.

Let’s review our choices for the best three cross country movers.

United Van Lines

With more than 340 agents working closely together in Canada and the United States, United Van Lines covers every square mile of the two North American countries. The high number of agents not only ensures full coverage, it also means customers receive prompt responses to online inquiries. United Van Lines handles home and business cross country moves by offering customers a few specialty services other moving companies do not offer. Disconnecting and reconnecting computer networks and home entertainment systems is one unique service provided by the cross country mover.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage

You might be a little skeptical of a company that uses the word “Best” in its name, but Best Interstate Moving and Storage fulfills the bill as one of the best cross country movers. The company acts as an intermediary between customers and cross country moving companies. A customer service representative is an advocate for you when you search for the best company to handle a long distance relocation. Transparent pricing prevents hidden fees from rapidly increasing the final invoice total.


Considered one of the giants of the moving industry, Mayflower doesn’t rest on its laurels by constantly upgrading products and services. Mayflower recently introduced a vehicle moving and storage service that takes care of the huge void left by other cross country movers. In 2017, the company marked its 90th anniversary in the moving business. Ninety years in the moving industry is an indication that Mayflower continues to set the standard for handling cross country moves.