January 16, 2019

How the Ocean Affects Your Valuables

Living in Long Beach, California certainly has its perks. The most popular perk is having access to dozens of miles of thick sandy beaches that provide stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Spend a little time at sunset gazing out into the western horizon as the sun sets over Catalina Island, and you will immediately discover what we mean. Throw in seemingly countless recreational options and the ocean becomes the number one perk for residents of Long Beach.

However, the ocean can have a negative impact on the valuable possessions you store at home, as well as at a nearby facility specializing in keeping your things safe and secure.

The Potential for Saltwater Damage

You might have heard the saying “It never rains in sunny Southern California.” Well, that is true most of the time. Yet, during winter, we typically experience storms that arrive from far away in the Pacific Ocean. Pelting rain douses the parched Southern California landscape. Beautiful desert flowers bloom, but the water can have a negative impact on metallic objects such as motor vehicles and home entertainment systems.

The reason for the damage is called salt.

Extended exposure to saltwater slowly degrades the metals covering our most expensive possessions, from rare coins to fine jewelry. Your most valuable possessions do not have to sit outside all day long for saltwater to wreak havoc. An open window is more than enough to allow salt to find its way to your valuables. Winter storms are the most common cause of saltwater damage to area homes and the valuables stored inside the homes located in Long Beach, but gentle summer breezes also carry sodium laden mist from the ocean to your front doorstep.

How to Cure the Saltwater Blues

If you confer with a scientist, the most likely antidote for saltwater flows freely from the kitchen sink faucet.


Saltwater diluted with fresh water mitigates the negative impact of salt on your valuables. The best solution for preventing saltwater damage to your things involves storing your valuables-especially metallic items-at a facility that operates climate controlled spaces. Climate control includes humidity and a temperature that preserves sensitive objects. In addition, a technologically advanced climate controlled system never allows wind gusts from the ocean to carry saltwater mist into a facility. Even if you secure your things in a basement that is not exposed to ocean winds, saltwater can still taint your valuables by entering the home via freshwater pipes.

Our Long Beach facility caters to numerous customers that use our services to protect their most valuable possessions against the damage caused by prolonged exposure to saltwater. Learn more about our climate controlled system by contacting us by phone or through our convenient online form.