November 7, 2018

Tips to Keep Your House Spotless During a Renovation

The benefits of a home renovation are numerous. A renovation can improve the aesthetics of your home, while also offering a functional boost. However, this hefty task can come with a truckload of dirt and debris. This is not only unsightly but can also affect your health negatively. Here are our tips towards keeping your home spotless in the midst of the renovation chaos. Read on!

Keep a clean slate every day

This is probably a no-brainer, but renovating by yourself can be tough, making the extra burden of cleaning up difficult, but it needs to be done. If you’re tired after the renovation, consider assigning the project to someone else.

Utilize the containment strategy

Protecting the surfaces of your furniture and other areas of your home during a renovation will prove immensely beneficial. While completely sealing these surfaces might be near impossible because of dust and dirt, wrapping furniture and delicate surfaces in polythene covers will help more than you would think.

Keep a clean trail

This might sound awkward but in practice, it’s not. Creating a trail of clean platforms can curb the spread of dirt around your house. The soles of your feet can increase the spread of dirt around your home. However, placing clean platforms along the path of your work area can reduce that spread.

Put that vacuum cleaner to work

Vacuums come to the rescue during any home renovation! Be sure to keep one by your side throughout the whole process It may have to be used several times a day depending on the nature of the renovation. Be careful, certain types of vacuums will break with this heavy-duty cleaning! It’s important you use a vacuum cleaner that is designed to pick up even the smallest of dust particles.

Limit the renovation areas

Restricting the renovation areas to just one or two locations will help minimize the dirt around your home. It’s easier to manage the build-up of dirt if renovations are ongoing in fewer places. While doing everything at once might be time-saving, the cleaning task might eat up all the extra time you saved.