October 15, 2018

Classified Information: How to Protect Sensitive Business Documents

You do not have to implement measures similar to what super spies implement to protect highly sensitive national security documents. However, you must keep sensitive business documents out of the hands of the bad guys. The best way? Keep them in the hands of a professional storage facility for both homeowners and business owners. You want a secure location that deploys climate control technology to prevent degradation of paper and digital documents. Gated fences surrounding a location where you secure sensitive business documents should complement an advanced security system that delivers real-time images of the entire property.

Long before you select a property to secure sensitive business documents, you have to do your part to ensure comprehensive protection.

How to Protect Paper Documents

Yes, most business owners still organize sensitive information by using old fashioned paperwork. You need to develop a system that accounts for everyone accessing paper business documents. The most effective way to account for access involves placing sensitive business documents in a computer-operated vault that requires a digital signature every time someone wants to access it. You should lock the area where you secure sensitive business documents and preferably, set an alarm to deter thieves. A secure unit gives the documents an extra layer of protection. When you bring sensitive business documents to a facility for storing purposes, you can rest assured the owner of the premises has established a security system that includes an alarm. You should take similar measures for your business location. If you decide to secure sensitive business documents outside your location, make sure to take inventory of what paperwork you plan to transfer, as well as spend at least one time a month accounting for all the paperwork located at the facility.

How to Protect Digital Documents

One of the primary reasons many businesses have turned to store sensitive business documents in digital files is the ease of retrieving the information. However, we have traded convenience for security breaches, as it is easier than ever for hackers to gain access to sensitive business documents. One of the more publicized strategies used by hackers is to gain access to sensitive customer financial information, such as bank account and credit card data. A strong encryption system represents a powerful line of defense against intrusions committed by hackers. The money spent encrypting sensitive business documents is well worth the cost of protecting customer information. You should also consistently modify the status of digital documents to ensure online thieves have not compromised sensitive business data. Any digital files stored at another property should be fully enclosed, even if you rent a climate-controlled location for securing sensitive business documents. Having another business secure important business documents is worth the cost. Simple make sure your storage location has an established track record of helping companies retain crucial proprietary data and information.