September 21, 2018

What Came First: The Moving Company or the Storage Facility?

Outside of paying taxes, nothing causes more frustration than moving. Even if you’re relocating just a couple blocks away from your current address, it can still feel like a logistical nightmare. While moving companies can help ease some of this frustration, you may be hesitant in shelling out extra cash for something you feel you could do yourself. Before you start freaking out, go through this checklist on which steps to take first in your moving process. You’ll breathe easy knowing you’ve got a plan in place.

Figure Out what Goes Where

After signing a mortgage document or an apartment lease, you finally know how much space you have to store your stuff on site. Carefully plan where every piece of furniture, every nicknack will go in each room. Whatever you have leftover should be donated, sold, or placed in a storage unit for later use.

Shop around for the Best Deals

If you choose to rent a self-storage unit, make sure to keep your options open at first. Shop around for the best deals on spaces that match the size needed to keep all your things at one convenient location. Many businesses offer discounted plans for customers that sign long-term deals. If you don’t see a discount listed, don’t be afraid to just ask!

Find a Place for Your Vehicle

Your new home might only accommodate one car in the driveway or if at an apartment complex, there might a limited number of parking spaces. For whatever reason, you need to find a business that features enough room to secure a car, boat, and/or recreational vehicle. It makes no sense to call a moving company before you know if that vintage ‘77 Mustang or high performance speed boat will fit.

Learn about Your New Home

Facility managers can serve as excellent resources in learning more about the community you plan to live in. Movers operate all over the place, and while they may know how to reach a certain city, they probably do not know much more than where to find the closest fast-food restaurant. A business that secures your possessions can help you acclimate to your new home.

Call a Reputable Moving Company

Now that you know exactly what is going to your new home, the time has come to research moving companies that serve the community where you plan to relocate. Online reviews offer some insight into the reputations of different movers, but the best advice for hiring a moving company is to seek referrals from friends, family members and trusted professional peers.

It is important to lock up a contract with a storage facility before engaging a moving company in negotiations. You can expect to save money, as well as know in advance where your things will go.