June 19, 2018

5 Songs for the Ultimate Packing Playlist

Let’s be honest, packing up for a move can be the absolute worst. Thoughts may cross your mind like:

“How on earth do I own this much stuff…

Seriously, why did I wait until the last minute to start this…

Where did I put the darn tape…

How is it midnight and I’ve only packed one box?!”

Packing can feel more like a chore than anything else. However, with the help of your friends and a killer playlist, the process might just go by a little faster. Turn your pity-party into a packing-party with these five classics, hits:

“Danger Zone” – Kenny Loggins

You’ve got to start somewhere and you might as well dive headfirst into the “danger zone” with this number. Just imagine you’re Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but instead of a fighter pilot, you’re a hotshot packer who’s kicking butt and taking names.

“Should I Stay or Should I Go” – The Clash

At this point, you’re probably getting a little bit tired and questioning if all of this packing is really worth it… but don’t worry, it will be! And if during the process you come across items you no longer need, they should go. Clutter has no business in your new home!

“Jump (For My Love)” – The Pointer Sisters

Starting to work up a sweat now, huh? This song will inspire you to keep you moving, as you journey from room to room. Need a visual? Need a visual? Click here to see Hugh Grant getting his “move and groove” on to this golden oldie in the film, Love Actually.

“Working for the Weekend” – Loverboy

“Everyone’s watching to see what you will do…” When it comes to moving, you need to take charge and direct. If your friends have graciously offered to help you during your move, make sure to give them clear instructions so they can best assist you.

“September” – Earth, Wind, and Fire

DO YOU REMEMBER when you thought packing would be boring? Well, hopefully, you’ve now realized it doesn’t have to be. Take a moment to celebrate with your friends by dancing it out to Earth, Wind, and Fire!

Keep an eye out for more tips to ease your packing blues. Here at Long Beach, all your storage needs are covered!