May 14, 2018

8 Things You Never Knew About Storage

1.There are enough storage facilities in the United States for every citizen to fit under the roof of all of them. In other words, there is plenty of room so get all that clutter into a storage unit. 2.The self storage industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the US for over three years now. Make use of our residential & commercial storage, car storage, boat storage or whatever it may be to help the industry growth even more. 3. Clutter in your home can fill your mind with brain fog. That’s right, personal storage can actually help clear your mind. There are a variety of units waiting for your items so you can focus on a clean and organized home. 4. The idea of storage came around about 6,000 years ago in China. Who would have known that? People would store their valuables in clay pots underground. Look at us now with our climate-controlled units! 5. …Well, that was the first storage “concept”. The first storage facility was opened in Florida in 1958. This industry has made massive growth since! 6. 68% of renters are from single-family homes. Long Beach Storage Center wants to remind you that we are open for everyone- residential moves, commercial moves, college storage, and more! 7. The occupancy rate is at 87.4% on average. You know what this means….. If you are planning on booking self storage, get on that early! It is common for facilities to be booked if you try last minute. Maybe put a note in your planner or on the fridge! 8. Studies in recent years show that people from nearly all economic backgrounds make use of storage units. You don’t have to make a certain amount to make use of storage. There is space for everyone!