March 21, 2018

Store Away Your Clutter…. It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

It’s That Time of Year The sun is coming out, the birds are chirping, the weather is getting warmer each day. We made it through winter and spring is finally here. What better time is there than now to get started on cleaning out the home by getting rid of that clutter built up over fall and winter. Who else is loving the idea of a freshly cleaned home right about now? All we can say is, get your clutter out of the home and put it in a self storage unit. What Can You Put into Storage? It’s hard for many of us to let go of things that we will be needing 6 months down the road. This is why it is so common for clutter to build up in homes. By simply using storage to temporarily stow away these items, you get the best of both worlds. You keep your valuables while maintaining a clean, organized home. Your first step before getting your home cleaned is choosing what to put into storage for spring and summer. Feel free to put away your clothing for colder seasons. This is a great way to make more space in your closet for the upcoming months. For those of you who are California skiers and snowboarders, feel free to store your skis, snowboards, and other heavy duty gear with Long Beach Storage Center. This is a great way to get bulky and space-consuming items out of the way. The Modern Home Feel Nowadays, everyone is craving to have a home that has the modern and minimalist look to it. Modern and simplistic home looks are on the rise. It’s on the latest documentaries, posted all over social media, and your friend down the street may have started on this already! You may feel that you need to revamp your home with some new, modern decor. If you’re wanting to simplify your home, start by moving your unneeded valuables and decorations in a safe and secure storage unit. A great option is to store your older decorations with a self storage facility until you have a buyer for your old things. That’s right, no need to keep your old dresser or dusty tapestry in the garage any longer! Whether it’s a modern look you are hoping to achieve or just a clean and organized home, get your spring cleaning out of the way as soon as possible and enjoy a clutter-free space.