February 7, 2018

Spread the Love with Valentine’s Day Self Storage

Valentine's Day Self Storage It’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Maybe you’re thinking, “Thanks for the reminder” or “Oh no, what do I get my significant other?” We’re here to give you some gift ideas along with tips for how to store those gifts with Valentine’s Day storage.

Jewelry Storage

Jewelry is always a favorite gift for Valentine’s Day. If you’re thinking of getting your significant other pricey jewelry, be sure to keep it safe in a secure storage locker. Ready to pop the question? Valentine’s Day is a popular time for marriage proposals. Keep the engagement ring hidden before the special day by utilizing an affordable storage locker. Storage lockers are very convenient for storing small items that need safekeeping. You can rent a storage locker for as little (at least one month) or as long as you need it. A Valentine’s Day self storage locker can really come in handy if you want to keep the gift or engagement ring a surprise.

Store Presents in a Storage Locker

If your significant other isn’t interested in jewelry, stuffed animals, and other traditional Valentine’s Day presents, there are still many other gift options available. Perhaps get the person a gift that will allow them to enjoy their hobby, such as a camera or video game console. If your girlfriend or wife has been eyeing a particular handbag lately, that would make a perfect gift. If your main squeeze has a pair of sneakers in mind, pick them up and store the kicks in a Valentine’s Day self storage locker until February 14. The Valentine’s Day storage lockers at Long Beach Storage Center can keep electronics, clothing, and leather items safe from heat and damage. With a size of 9 square feet (3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet), storage lockers take the cake when you need storage on a smaller scale.

Valentine’s Day Storage in Long Beach, CA

The storage lockers at Long Beach Storage Center are inside a building with an electronic access code for security. The storage facility is equipped with 24/7 digital recorded video surveillance. Cylinder locks are used at the facility for the best security. Tenant insurance is available for extra protection of the belongings in your unit. A storage locker at Long Beach Storage Center is only $29.95 a month, a bargain for peace of mind and the look of your loved one’s face when you give him or her that special Valentine’s Day gift. No deposits are required and online bill pay is available around the clock for your convenience. Your feedback is important to us! Be sure to write a review about Long Beach Storage Center on Yelp to be automatically entered into our monthly giveaway for a $25 Starbucks gift card. If you love coffee this drawing is for you! Your online review helps us to improve our team, services, and tenant experience. Honest reviews about your experience at our self storage facility are always appreciated.